Foot Pads Against Hot Spot and Blister Prevention

Solewells Foot pads for heel and shoes prevent blisters and hot spots />

Lipstick 💄? ✔️ Perfume?✔️ Lovely flats 🥿? ✔️— Oh NO! - You feel a hot spot threatening to turn into a full-blown blister. Even if you don’t, check your feet regularly, especially when wearing new footwear, it’s a good idea to monitor for signs of rubbing and irritation. OR you could go worry free and prevent the blister from ever occurring. You all know, you don’t have to wear heels to get blisters, there are plenty of those in the coveted little flats also. This is why we invented Solewells - a protective barrier between your skin and your shoes. Don’t leave home without them! No Blisters? ✔️

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