Solewells Foot Pads for Heels, Pumps, Kitten, Flats, and Other Fashion shoes. Open toe and closed toe.

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Solewells® Foot Pad Insoles

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 how to measure circumference of foot*IMPORTANT ~ Currently Solewells footpads are not designed for Foot Circumferences larger than 24 cm or 9.4 in. Please see our measuring guide in the product images.

The Short:

Solewells® foot pads provide patented, over-the-foot protection against blisters and sensitive soles by eliminating friction caused by shoes. Solewells go perfectly with high heels, flats and everything in between.

The Long:

  • Solewells® foot pads are thin, lightweight and blend into any skin tone. 
  • Our foot pads act as a second skin on key areas of your foot, providing a physical, anti-friction barrier between your feet and your shoes. Let Solewells® take on the PAIN!
  • Specifically designed for high heels, work great with pumps, heels, kitten heels, flats, boots, open/closed-toe, and many* other fashion shoes. Also perfect for under stockings or socks. 
  • Sizing: fits narrow to normal width - foot circumference not to exceed 24 cm (see our measuring guide in images).
  • Prevent on-skin shoe friction, forefoot blisters, and sensitive foot soles. Prevent blisters on ball of foot, blisters on toes. While Solewells® are not a ball of foot cushions, they do provide a small bit of padding (that has been lost over time). Make it a breeze breaking in new shoes or wear them with the "oh so cute" and "oh so uncomfortable" pair of fashion shoes. 
  • Oils in the product make your feet softer with prolonged use. Who doesn't love added benefits?!
  • Washable and reusable (within a limit). We recommend to wash them after every use to prolong foot pad tackiness.
  • Solewells® foot pads are strong but delicate, treat them like your favorite pantyhose and you should get several wears out of them.

Not Recommended If:

  • You have wide feet or plump toes. Feet larger than 24 cm or 9.44 in circumference (see our measuring guide)
  • Suffer from other feet ailments such as hammertoes, sweaty feet, corns, and large bunions, etc. 
  • Incorrect wear or overstretching of the foot pads may cause them to rip. Wearing over sharp toenails may result in product tearing. Footpads come tacky and need to stick to your feet, therefore wearing lotion, baby powder or if your feet perspire is not recommended. The product contains NO adhesive.

See fit and customization instructions.

We designed Solewells® to be thin and fit comfortably into most shoes. However, for best results, we recommend that you purchase a half size up from your shoe size. If you are between sizes, then stick with your original shoe size.


* The reason we say MOST: foot pads are not designed for flip flops or thong-like shoes, plus we would hate to over promise and under deliver. Strappy shoes will make the foot pads a bit more visible than we'd like and we sure would hate to ruin your style!

There is nothing like Solewells® on the market, we hold the patents. Patent numbers 9516915,10506844 and other patents pending.