How to put Solewells foot pads on to your foot


Start by putting on the fourth (4th) and pinky toe loops, followed by the big toe loop. Slide the big toe loop half way onto the toe. Then insert your index finger into the big toe loop and gently rotate the loop to position the rest of the way. Do not pull on the foot pads like socks.

See "How to" videos for more


Foot pad should fit snugly against the foot, like a second skin and not be loose on the sole of your foot. For a snug fit: insert your index finger into the big toe loop and gently rotate the loop. Turn the big toe loop in to tighten, out (if you have wide feet) to loosen (see image). 

Turn foot pad inward to tighten, outward to loosen the
Move toe loops down or up the toe, to adjust foot pads


If the toe loops are longer than the edge of your shoe, move the loops down your toes toward your foot. Do not yank on the toe loops, insert your index finger into the big toe loop and gently rotate the loop down.

Depending on the type of shoes* 

Adjust the toe loops accordingly: 

* Closed toe shoes - make sure your toenails are covered by the toe loops. As you slide your foot in the shoe, try to lift the big toe slightly, to prevent foot pads from rolling up. 

* Open toe shoes - lift the toe loop from the toe side and slide the toe loop down. But be sure not to go too far from the edge of your toenail.


Solewells foot pads worn with heels, pumps, kitten heels, flats and many other shoes to prevent blisters, friction and sensitive feet
Solewells foot pads prevent blisters from heels to flats

You should be able to see a small section of the sole pad between your big and second toes. If you do not see it, the foot pad is too high up your foot.

Put shoes on immediately after Solewells™ foot pads. DO NOT walk around in foot pads without shoes.

See "How to" videos for more


Wash with warm water and liquid soap under the faucet. Lay flat to dry on a paper towel. Store in the original box. Throw in your bag and they are ready to be reused!

Solewells® are strong but delicate, treat them like your favorite pantyhose and you will get several wears out of them.  Alternatively, rough treatment may expire foot pads sooner. This is a guideline only.

wash foot pads with soap and water, lay to dry