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Mommy's growing feet...

Solewells, foot pads that prevent blisters in heels

My baby working alongside me turns and says: “Mama, I made a girl [out of wikistinks] that just loves shoes, but I am sure she’ll need your foot pads.” An interesting phenomenon happens to your feet when you have children…your feet grow! Some only go up half a size, others may gain two and a half sizes. Mine went from 7.5 to 8. So the shoes that were a tad bigger before, are now just right. And while we sometimes make the mistake of buying shoes based on size, what we really should do is buy them for fit. And size? It’s only a number, like age. Well, in any case, this could be a great excuse to get new shoes. To the moms out there, how did your feet fair? Did they stay the same size or go up? Would love to hear from you!

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