Solewells foot pads, what are they good for?

Many companies try to sell you a miracle in a bottle. Best is a subjective word. What is best for you may not be best for someone else. Solewells™ foot pads were created after fifteen years of simulated protection via other materials. We tried sprays, gels and balms, and after all that… concluded that nothing beats a physical barrier between your skin and shoes. We like to think Solewells™ foot pads are different: - Solewells™ foot pads are thin and lightweight. - They return to their original shape, unlike other products on the market that stretch out and become loose. - Solewells™ cover key areas of your foot while inside your shoes. - Solewells™ can be customized to fit under the outline of most shoes, so they won’t ruin your style. Click here to see customization instructions. - They are washable (soap and water, line dry on paper towel) and reusable within a limit (tested to last five days – ten hours a day). - Solewells™ are durable when treated properly. - When worn properly, Solewells™ do not cause discomfort. - They are made of soft, skin-biocompatible material. - When the foot pads expire, throw them and the box into the recycling bin. If you like what you’ve read, then give Solewells™ a try! Link in the bio ☝🏻 Would love to hear about your foot blister woes and how you solved them! 

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