The Dilemma – Do you know how to break in ballroom shoes?

Protect your feet from blisters and friction ballroom dance shoes

The best advice we could get is to make sure your shoes 👠 are tightly fit in the front and at the heel and to carry with you a “breaking in new shoes” kit all of the time. The breaking in new shoe kit includes - Bandaids, Cushy Cuts, Moleskin, Bunion Buster, and the list goes on and on (and none of the items are reusable 🤦🏻‍♀️ ). That seems like a lot of things to stick onto your feet. We then spoke to one of our customers, who is a ballroom dancer. We found out it takes her about 8-10 hours of dancing to break in a new pair, and a lot, A LOT of blisters. Blisters that take weeks to heal. But ever since she discovered Solewells, her dancing feet could not be happier. No need to break in the shoes, she has Solewells on her feet all the time. Ballroom, swing and to our ears.

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