What's So Great About Solewells Foot Pads?

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What's So Great About Solewells Foot Pads?

Solewells Foot Pads Prevent Blisters and Friction in High Heels and many other shoes.

As the saying goes, "Great things do come in small boxes" 🎁 Here at Solewells we sure think so! What's so great about Solewells? For one, our foot pads are the only ones of it's kind. We know because we had them patented. And what is one of it's kind? Solewells are the only foot pads that were truly designed to fit into heels 👠 or it’s sister flat version 🥿 Solewells provide patented, over-the-foot protection against blisters and sensitive soles by eliminating friction caused by shoes. Our foot pads are thin and lightweight. Blend into any skin tone. They act as a second skin on key areas of your foot, providing a physical, anti-friction barrier between your feet and your shoes. Ladies, let Solewells take on the friction, so your skin doesn’t!

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